How to Use the Invisible Web

The term Invisible Web mainly refers to the vast repository of information that search engines and directories do not have direct access to, like databases.

Unlike pages on the Web that are easily accessible by search engines and directories, information in databases is generally inaccessible to the software crawlers that create search engine indexes.

You will need

  • Computer with internet connection


  1. Do a Google search for “Invisible Web Resources.”
  2. The results will show many webpages with listings of search engines especially developed for searching through the databases on the Invisible Web.
  3. Click a link to one of these resources, and follow the websites’ instructions on how to use their Invisible Web resources.


  • Use the Invisible Web to find websites that are no longer available on the visible Internet.
  • Use an Invisible Web search engine specifically geared to finding what you are looking for. There are Invisible Web search engines dedicated to extensive listings of journal databases, comprehensive information on legal issues, librarian resources, free magazine articles, and a whole lot more. All of these resource databases cannot be searched with conventional search engines.