How to Use the Internet

The internet is an extremely powerful tool that has changed the landscape of how and where information is accessed worldwide.

The internet comprises different computers that come together to form a large network where information is being constantly transferred through each other. The only limit to transferring information on the internet is the lack of its provision.

The Internet has a wide range of uses including researching information, sending and receiving emails, making phone calls, sending instant messages, etc.

Things you will need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection


  1. To use the internet, you will first need to have an internet connection up; if not contact your local internet service provider to have the modem installed so you can start taking advantage of the internet. You can also access the internet from public cafes, libraries or anywhere that has a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi)
  2. Next, you will need a web browser that is available on most if not all computers and operating systems. For Windows Operating System Internet Explorer is preinstalled and on Mac Computers there is Safari. You can also download other browsers such as Opera or Mozilla Firefox to either operating system if you want a next flexible option for browsing the internet.
  3. One of the most essential uses of the internet is sending and receiving emails. Persons are constantly sending information over the internet to other persons on things to do about personal or business affairs. To send and receive emails, first you need to create an email account, you can choose from a list of sites to do this such as,,, and more. After you choose the site, follow the procedure and sign up to get an email account of your own. Sending emails also proves to be cheaper and is very instant, the minute an email is sent off; it is almost immediately received so this proves to be very effective.
  4. Another use of the internet is general browsing or searching for information. Use a search engine such as,, and enter the topic you want to research and press enter or click ok then a list of different websites will appear that have articles on the topic you have searched. When searching, try to be as specific as possible because search engines are sensitive to keywords. This means it will display articles containing one or more of the words in different articles by themselves.
  5. Choose several sites to gather your information from to make sure the information has strong support. Then read through each site to get the information you would like. When you have found it you can arrive at your conclusion about the topic and its relevance to you.
  6. Another use of the internet is sending messages that can be responded to instantaneously. This is great for friends and family members who are at a distance and want to communicate. As long as both locations have the internet and are logged on at the sometimes they can always communicate. You can choose between, windows live yahoo Messenger, or others. Search for them on their official website, then download them and install them to your computer. Then put in your email account information to sign in and add the email of the persons you want to correspond with and once they are online both of you or even a group can send messages back and forth instantly to each other.
  7. The internet can be used to download various software, music, and movies. You can find these again by going through the search engines and going through a list of sites that provide these services. There are special programs that are used to download music and movies to your computer, once you search on it, read more on how it works, and then download and install them. This sometimes can be a hefty task but it can be worthwhile once you find what you are looking for.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not use the internet to search for content to be used in a harmful or disruptive way.
  • When you are using the internet secure that your computer is protected with antivirus and spyware protection programs. You can use the internet and research what are the latest and best programs for the job.
  • Continue to use the internet; with each use, you will become more familiar with using it.