Telnet is a computer program that allows you to have access to another computer through the Internet.

This access is usually gained through the use of an authorized username and password from a remote computer; however, in some cases, this may not be necessary.

If you intend to utilize this program you can use this article as a guide.

Things you will need

  • Computer System
  • Telnet software
  • IP Address/machine name


  1. Find out the IP address for the computer that you want to access. An IP address is normally a series of four or so numbers with dots in between like decimals, for example, in some cases it can also be a machine name which is a series of words, e.g. Depending on the country the IP address may add a fourth or fifth element to the name or number.
  2. Access the Telnet program, which can be found on the Windows system. Go to ‘Start’ then ‘Programs’ Accessories and then click the ‘Command Prompt’ icon. Another way of accessing it is to go to ‘Start’ and then “Run” and type in cmd.exe and the program will come up. It is a window that has a black background display.
  3. Type in the command telnet followed by the IP address or machine name as required. The remote computer to which you are trying to connect should respond with a login prompt. Sometimes depending on the type of connection, a warning message may appear. If this happens just follow the procedure provide your username and password information just the same and press the ‘Enter’ key. There will be a verification process which may take a while but the connection should be established.
  4. When you are finally connected to the other computer, you can start typing your commands for the other computer to execute. You will have the ability to search, browse, change, and adjust all the necessary settings on the computer. If you are not sure of something you can access the ‘HELP’ option that can give you a list of directives.
  5. When you have completed your task make sure you log out of the network connection and close the Telnet program.
  6. Most Telnet programs allow you to store the IP addresses or machine names that you connect to and use more frequently. So a listing is normally saved to retrieve them from a menu option, so instead of always having to re-type them, you can easily access them.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • When you are done using the Telnet system, do not save your password. This will allow unauthorized personnel to gain access to the network and breach another person’s system.
  • Never use Telnet to perform any form of illegal activity or make adjustments on another computer system that may cause any form of damage.