How to Use Myspace at School

Myspace is a social networking website used to connect people. It was once the most popular and preferred social networking site up until 2006.

However, since 2008 Facebook has been the social networking site of choice. Despite its loss in popularity it is still widely used by many individuals who wish to interact through the service.

In some schools, they disable the use of many social networking sites via a firewall because of the potential distraction that they may cause. Therefore to access Myspace some simple procedures may be followed.

What you’ll need

  • A Functional Computer
  • An Active Web Browser


  1. Successfully using Myspace will depend on the type of firewall protection used by the school. A few steps to unblock the firewall are highlighted below.
  2. For firewalls that only block sites for security purposes to inhibit malware or hackers you may add an “s” to the website’s URL. Therefore use This will trick the firewall into thinking it is a secure website and allow you to enter the website.
  3. You can type the IP address into the allocated field. Do not copy and paste the address enter it physically into the address bar and press enter. To locate this address use any of the sites listed here:,, Geobytes, Or search using Google.
  4. Use a tunneling site such as These sites work by entering any website using a back door. However many firewalls may also block these sites. Also if you use one particular tunneling site constantly the firewall may block it. Many tunneling sites are updated often and use different sites to gain access on separate occasions.
  5. You may also use a proxy site that will bypass the firewall without jeopardizing the integrity of the network security. Simply search in Google to find different proxy sites. Some more popular sites are,,
  6. You can use the command prompt. Go to accessories and select [Command Prompt]. A window should open. Enter and enter. You should see several IP addresses. Right-click on the mark and copy and paste the IP address into the address bar of your browser. You should now have access to MySpace.
  7. You may reconfigure the settings if this option is available. If the browser currently being used is Firefox you may alter the settings by first going to tools and then selecting options. Click on the [Advanced Tab] and select a network. Once you are in the connections option reconfigure these settings to allow you access to Myspace. You may also reset the cookies and security settings to allow better access to websites. Often cookies and other security settings will obstruct full web browsing.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Try all the methods until one works. If none work then you have encountered a well-secured firewall.
  • Log out of Myspace once you are through using it and load an accepted website to avoid being caught.
  • Do not download executable files from unknown sources when using the browser, you may unknowingly infect the computer with a virus.