How to Use Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is great application tool used to create professional documents.  It comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite which can be downloaded to your computer.  Microsoft word can be used to create letters, sales documents such as invoices, and tables.  Documents can also be converted to PowerPoint or Adobe files.  Microsoft Word also allows users to create hyperlinks where the document is connected to other documents, website addresses and email addresses.

Things you will need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft word application


  1. From your Start menu, go to Programs, Microsoft Office and select Microsoft Office Word.  This will open up a blank word document.
  2. In the Word window you can check to see if the standard toolbars are available.  Toolbars provide easy access and functionality.  Go to View, select Toolbars, and then check Standard, Formatting and Drawing.  These are the three essential toolbars.  Other toolbars can be chosen for more advanced use.
  3. The Standard toolbar gives a shortcut to different functions including opening a new document, saving a document and printing.
  4. The Formatting toolbar allows you to change your font type and color.  It allows you to align text, add bullet points and highlights.
  5. The Drawing toolbar is found to the bottom of the screen and is used to add shapes, text boxes, insert pictures and others.
  6. All actions accessed from these three toolbar can be accessed via your main toolbar by accessing any of the following: File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, and Tables.
  7. Once your toolbars are active, you can start typing your document.  To create a new document click File and select New.  To the right of the word window will be a list of options, select Blank Document then click OK.
  8. Once you have written the document you can format it.  This is done by highlighting the text or paragraph you wish to format.  Place the cursor at the beginning of the word or paragraph; double click to highlight the word, or triple click to highlight the paragraph.
  9. Once you’re done highlighting go to the formatting toolbar and select the option/s you desire.
  10. If you wish to insert a table in the document place the cursor at the desired spot.  Go to the main toolbar, select Insert and select Table.  Add the number of columns and rows and click OK.  The Insert Table icon can also be used; this is found in your Standard toolbar.
  11. To insert a picture go to Insert at the top of the window then scroll down to Picture and select Clipart or From file, or, go to the Drawing tool bar at bottom of the window and select the Insert Picture icon.
  12. Finally do a spell check on your document to correct errors in spelling and grammar.  Go to Tools and select Spelling and Grammar.
  13. To save your document go to File, select Save As and type the name of the document in the first box.  Select the location you wish the document to be saved in.  Click Save.


  • Utilize the Help menu at the top of the word window to assist with any difficulties you’re having or to learn how to use other functions.

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