How to Use Limewire

Limewire is a Java based file sharing network which uses the Gnutella network to find and share files. It is generally acquired as freeware but can be purchased with the added benefit of further features that make peer to peer file sharing more effective. It offers Bittorrent support as well, though minimally. It is generally used to download single files from various sources, it is not ideal for downloading entire albums and does not have a large video database. Therefore it is principally used for downloading smaller files, for example: specific songs from artists or groups. There are a few problems associated with limewire, most notably viruses and to a lesser extent fake and defective files. It is therefore important to use an effective anti-virus program to counter destructive malware on any computer while using limewire or any other file sharing program. However, limewire has the advantage of being compatible with the leading Operating Systems on the market: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is also considerably user friendly and allows quick downloading. Using limewire is straightforward and requires very few minor adjustments to ensure better and safer file sharing.

Things You Will Need

  • Limewire Freeware/Software
  • Functioning Operating System


  1. Before downloading from limewire open the application.
  2. Go to the Options menu and search for preferences. This will be found in different areas on different Operating Systems.
  3. To avoid slowing down a pre-existing slow connection, delete all the text found at the [Extensions] option under [Sharing Extensions].
  4. Replace the text in the file extensions with a file type that is not currently used on the computer. This simply means whatever is typed should not have any accessible files for file sharing. For example: You may use .iso extension if you do not presently or really ever use iso formats on the computer. However, if you use this format for file backup do not use it. Choose from any of the other extensions available on the specific Operating System.
  5. Go to the filter option and peruse the keywords displayed. Select the option to ignore .vbs, .html and adult content files. These are usually defective files.
  6. Once the settings have been configured you can search for and download files.
  7. Enter the main screen of the Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  8. Select the option that best suits your current desire to the left of the screen. These include documents, audio, video, programs and any type.
  9. Once a selection has been made, enter the necessary information in the available fields.
  10. The files should be retrieved by the program relatively quickly. If your search returns no results then it may be unavailable. However continue to check periodically to see if it becomes available by a host that may not have been on-line during the initial search.
  11. To select the best files verify that the file that is being downloaded has a minimum of 2 stars, however it is preferable to download files that have a 4 star rating. The type of connection being used will affect downloading speeds greatly. Choose T1 and T3 for fastest downloads, Cable/modem will download less quickly but in general try to avoid dial up connections for downloading. The bitrate will determine audio quality. Select audio files with 128 kbps or more. However if the file is limited to just a few results, then the overall quality may likely be compromised. In such a scenario choose the most acceptable file for download.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • It is best to use a site that supports full torrent downloading for DVDs and larger files. Limewire works best with smaller files.
  • Do not share large portions of computer files, especially those files that are private and of extreme importance. Cases of identity theft and other malicious practices are not uncommon. If you choose to share files, place all those files in a subfolder with only choice files. Alter the settings to only allow sharing via this subfolder.
  • Be cautious when downloading files. Software to protect your computer from harmful malware may not always be able to quarantine and or delete viruses.
  • If you are not able to connect to the gnutella network using limewire, you may use frostwire which also offers a free download and is compatible with all major operating systems.

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