How to Use Koopik is a daily deal site that gives very large discounts on items and services in most cities in the United States and Canada. This site is easy to use, because it is very straightforward in stating what the specifics of a particular deal are and it also clearly shows the terms of said deal. Other than being easy to use the site is also very convenient for finding deals that are hard to find elsewhere. The deals on this site are random but useful, deals range from a discount on dinner for two at an Italian restaurant to a discount on the delivery of dry cleaning.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Use Koopik

  1. Visit the site at and sign up, it requires no personal information just an email address, city and a password for your personal koopik account.
  2. After signing up, an entry page that briefly states how to use the site greets the visitor. This page gives brief instruction on how to use the site. The instructions state that deals are either personalised or selected from the pool of deals offered on the site.
  3. Continue to the next page to see all the deals in your city. On the same page in the top right hand corner are six options (my deals, all deals, how koopik works, filter deals, suggest a deal and follow us on twitter or Facebook).
  4. Click on the my deals option and select the preferred deal(s). These deals will be presented when you visit the site, to see other deals outside of those selected just click the all deals option.
  5. If there is no need for personalisation then click the filter deals option to see deals by categories for easier navigation of the site.
  6. The suggest a deal option allows the site visitor to submit the name of a business or organization that they think should give deals on whatever they are selling. It is not automatic that these deals will materialise onkoopik because ultimately that is the decision of the business owners and managers. This is however, a great medium for customers and proprietors alike because consumers benefit from discounted items and businesses get welcomed advertisement.
  7. The follow us on Facebook and twitter option is a great way to know about new deals.

Making the deal

When the buyer choses a specific deal all the details of that deal will be shown. Other deals such as cash if you invite a friend or the ability to get the original deal free if you and two other friends also purchase the deal are also available. Ensure you have read the terms and conditions of the deals because some restrict combining deals. This area also shows when the deal expires and the maximum number of vouchers per person allowed on the deal. Once satisfied with the terms of the deal click the buy now option but first select a reminder if the deal is for yourself or you may choose to gift it. When doing the final check out, look out for discount code options that give further deals.



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