The img src is a coding used when writing a program for web pages.

This article will instruct you on how you can utilize both coding to aid you when making an HTML page.

Things you will need

  • Computer system
  • Programming software


  1. The img and src tags are coding information that is used to embed images, sounds, and videos into an HTML page. The image coding is used to link images to the HTML page while the src coding is used along with the img coding to instruct the program of where to get the picture to place into the page.
  2. You also have to use the ALT tag when using these two coding tags so that if the browser the viewer is using cannot see the image, the [ALT] tag will be displayed instead. If the Alt tag is not put into the coding then [IMAGE] will be displayed in the place of the actual picture.
  3. When you are using this coding it takes the picture from a specified location, so make sure you know where the picture is and make a note of it. If you are entering a picture using this code you would write this into the programming software, .
  4. If the picture is stored in the same directory as the file using it, then you can just apply the name of the file instead of writing out the path of the extended address of the picture location.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Whenever you are using the ALT in your coding to insert pictures make sure you put the brackets around it so persons will distinguish between the text substituted for an image and normal text.