Although Heelys look simple to use, and they typically are, it is not as straightforward to use them for the first time.

Initially, it takes practice to master your Heelys, just like it would take time and practice to be able to ride a bicycle or learn how to skateboard.

You will need

  • Heelys in your shoe size
  • Skate helmet
  • Wrist guards
  • Knee pads


  1. Secure all necessary safety equipment; they can minimize the risk of injury while you’re learning.
  2. Stand naturally with your feet slightly less than shoulder width apart, placing your dominant foot slightly behind the other.
  3. Step forward quickly with your non-dominant foot until it is in front of the other.
  4. Step forward with your dominant foot and plant your heel, keeping your toes pointed up; not so far up, however, that the heel of your shoe touches the ground.
  5. Push off with the back of your foot, keeping your toe slightly raised. Keep your back knee locked to make maintaining the position easier.
  6. Use your front foot to steer as you roll on your wheels, keeping the back foot, directly behind the other.
  7. To stop, lift the toe of your back foot slowly until the heel of the shoe touches the ground. This will slow you down gradually until you stop.
  8. For a quick stop, transfer your weight to the ball of your feet and slowly jog out of your roll.


  • Only use Heelys on surfaces that are free of rocks, cracks, and other debris to further reduce the risk of injury.