How to Use File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer programs or other information between network computers or over the internet. FTP allows you to download software, upload your own web pages, and transfer information between different computer accounts.

Things you will need

  • Computer
  • Computer network or,
  • Internet


  1. Start the FTP client – type the ftp command ftp>
  2. Connect to a remote computer – use the open command
  3. Enter the name of the FTP host
  4. Enter your username and password. Login details are not needed for an anonymous server.
  5. Use the ls and dir commands to display the names of the files in the directory on the remote computer
  6. Use the get command to transfer a file from the remote computer to your computer: ftp> get install.txt for example
  7. Use the mget command to retrieve a group of files
  8. the put command to transfer a file from your computer to the remote computer: example ftp> put angle.doc
  9. To make an FTP connection using your browser use Internet Explorer and type in the address bar to login
  10. You will be sent to a page displaying all files and folders currently located on your hosting account. To upload a file, simply drag and then drop it to the location where you would like the file to appear

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