How to Use Facebook

Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site. Like other social networking websites the main purpose is to connect with friends, family and colleagues. Even with it’s intense popularity, Facebook’s design leaves a lot to be desired, with an interface crowded with trivial activities instead of useful ones. Facebook is a powerful social networking tool, and can be utilised in a number of ways to maximise your social networking outcome. This article will guide you through the basic steps of using Facebook.

You will need

  • Computer or mobile device with Internet connectivity.


  1. Fill in your information, read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  2. Follow the instructions to confirm the email address provided.
  3. Find friends who are also using Facebook with the search tool on the screen’s left. You will only be able to see the profiles of people or friends in your chosen network.
  4. To see the profiles of people in other networks, add them as friends using the Add to Friends button.
  5. Customise your profile by clicking Edit next to the word Profile once you are in your account; follow the steps in the Edit tool to fill out any information you would like people in your network, or people you accept as friends to view.
  6. Customise your security settings by going to Settings > Privacy Settings. This will set restrictions to who may or may not have access to information posted on your facebook profile.
  7. Join applications within Facebook, such as adding photos or photo albums to your profile.
  8. You may also join groups of interest, view local events, purchase or sell items in the Marketplace, create and join events among other activities.
  9. 10. Chat with friends through Facebook by sending private messages to their inbox or posting public messages to heir walls.


  • Utilise online resources to maximise your Facebook social networking experience.