Earbuds are portable headphones that are inserted into, instead of over, the ears and head. They are now the most widely used headphones, made popular through MP3 and iPod sales especially.

Earbuds are comfortable, inexpensive, and small enough to easily carry around; this article will guide you through the basics of using earbud earphones.

You will need

  • Media player (MP3 player, portable CD player, iPod, cell phone, computer, etc.)
  • Earbud headphones


  1. Locate the headphone jack on the media player and plug in the earbuds.
  2. Look at each earbud and determine left from right. Left will be labeled “L” and right “R.”
  3. Turn the left earbud so the speaker faces directly into your left ear and place it in. It should sit just inside your upper ear canal under the little flap of skin that juts out over your canal–the tragus.
  4. Push it in so it is secure, but do not jam it in. Ensure it is snug and comfortable.
  5. Repeat steps 3 through 4 with the right earbud and your right ear.
  6. Adjust the wires so they meet under your chin and are not swaying around in front of your face.
  7. Turn the music player on and adjust the volume.


  • Buy the right earbud earphones to suit your needs and budget. In late 2008, Apple introduced their improved earbud headphones which are sold with three different sizes of silicone ear tips that can be affixed to the earbuds to create a more comfortable fit. Although more costly than regular earbuds, these allow users with larger or smaller than average ears to customize the way their headphones fit.


  • Use earphones that you find painful or difficult to insert.
  • Play music at excessively loud volumes when wearing earbuds or any headphones.