How to Use DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter is a computer software that is used to extract movies onto a computer’s hard drive and can also be used to duplicate it back onto another blank DVD disc.

Things you will need

  • A computer
  • DVD drive
  • DVD disc


  1. Buy or download the DVD Decrypter setup file and install it. Now open the software, the icon can be found on the desktop if not you can go to start and then programs and you will see the option to use DVD Decrypter.
  2. If you want to extract a DVD movie or file from a DVD disc, open the DVD drive and insert the disc. Go to the option called Mode at the top of DVD Decrypter and select the format you want to save the DVD file in. If you just plan to save it in order to duplicate it, the best choice would be ISO and then click ‘Read R’ otherwise you may use ‘File F’ or ‘IFO I’ .
  3. Next you will see a heading marked Source, from this you will select the letter for the drive which the DVD is inserted in (which is normally the ‘D’ drive). Below this you will see destination, it normally preselects the ‘C’ drive as the storage location, however you can select another drive or folder where you would like to have the DVD files saved. Type the name you will like the file to have and click save.
  4. Then below these options, there is an icon where you will see an image of a disc on the left and a hard drive on the right. When you are ready, click this icon and it will start the process of extracting the information from the DVD disc onto your hard drive.
  5. When the process is completed a pop message will appear showing whether the operation has been successful or not. When you are finished, the original disc can now be removed from the disc drive. Check the location where the DVD file is stored to see the size and its contents to show that it is working properly.
  6. Now if you would like to have the DVD files you just copied duplicated onto another blank DVD disc open back the drive and insert the blank DVD disc. (In order to duplicate it onto a disc, it must be a DVD burner.) Go back to the option Mode, select ‘ISO’ and click ‘Write W‘. Go back to the option, Source and find the folder where the DVD file was saved and open it. Select the name of the drive (same as before) where you would like the DVD to be burnt.
  7. Look to the right and you will see an option marked settings; here you will enter the speed at which you would like the DVD to burn. Then look below to use the icon again, this time it will show the hard drive icon to the left and the disc icon to the right. When you are ready to burn, click the icon and it will start the process. Depending on the size it may take, anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour, so be patient. When the process is completed a pop message will appear again showing whether the operation has been successful or not.
  8. You can now take out the DVD disc and use it as you wish.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not try to open the drive in any of the duplication process, whether it is copying the DVD file to the hard drive or burning it back onto a blank DVD disc.
  • Do not place the burnt side of the DVD disc onto any rigid surface, this may cause scratches and cause the disc to stop function properly.