How to Use Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are tiny black and white seeds that are under the group of staple foods. It has been used by many ancient civilizations such as the Mayans and Aztecs as a part of their rich diet.

Even to this day it has remained a popular food in some countries and is praised for its many nutritional and medicinal values. Chia seeds can be eaten alone or used in almost any dish for its enhancement.

Use this article as a guide to see how you can incorporate chia seeds into your diet and improve your lifestyle.

Things you will need

  • Chia Seeds
  • Other Foods of your choice


  1. Chia seeds are used by many in their effort to lose weight and lead healthier lives. These seeds can be eaten in almost any form. A lot of people eat these seeds raw as a daily snack because they are a high source of fatty acids and especially if you are hungry and not looking to consume any heavy food, this can be an excellent choice.
  2. Chia seeds can also be mixed with almost any beverage or liquid to create a drink. You can add it to water, juices, coffee, iced tea just to name a few, and take it each morning of the day as an energy drink, this can be beneficial to your health and is especially good for diabetics.
  3. Because chia seeds absorb large amounts of liquid rapidly, some persons have them soaked in liquid to make gels. This process doesn’t normally take long to complete, normally within 10 minutes. Just use part of a seed and some water put both into a clean container and stir them together for a while. Let it stay for 5 minutes and then start to stir it again and then let it stay for another 10 minutes and stir again. This gel can last for up to 14 days in the fridge.
  4. The gel has no calories and is good for adding texture to your food and giving your food more nutritional value. Add it as a dressing for food or to thicken your sauces.
  5. A next great way to enjoy chia seeds is by grinding them or adding them whole to different foods, as part of a dish. It can be added to just about anything; your cereal, salads, different forms of baked goods like muffins and breads, vegetables, meats, and even soups to boost their nutritional value. This is especially great for children because it has a very subtle taste so it is not too overpowering.
  6. Chia seeds enhance and improve your chronic and cardiovascular health. Time and time again chia seeds have helped persons to lower their blood pressure and resolve digestive issues. It is rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and iron.
  7. Add chia seeds to butter or other forms of fat to reduce the calories in the food.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always consult with your doctor regarding any health issues or treatments you may need.
  • You can check around to find more ways of using chia seeds to make your food more exciting.