How to Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth capable devices are able to securely connect and transfer information between themselves, using radio frequencies. Devices with Bluetooth technology are typically: cell phones, laptops, PCs, printers, digital cameras and video game consoles. Bluetooth technology is incredibly accessible and convenient–most importantly it is inexpensive and free of complicated wires.

You will need

  • Bluetooth device
  • Computer
  • Bluetooth adapter


  1. Check if your computer is already Bluetooth enabled by launching the Control Panel and searching for the Bluetooth icon. If there is no Bluetooth icon, install your Bluetooth adapter.
  2. Insert your Bluetooth adapter installation disk on your CD-ROM drive and find the drivers that are needed for installation. Most Bluetooth adapter installation kits come with an installation wizard that enables users to easily install their devices.
  3. Enable your machine’s Bluetooth Discovery mode once you’ve successfully installed the Bluetooth adapter. Let your machine discover any active working Bluetooth devices in its surrounding area.
  4. Activate your Bluetooth device. There should be a switch or button that will activate your Bluetooth functionality whether you’re activating control, headset or a printer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to start your Bluetooth device.
  5. Verify your computer’s Bluetooth network link. Once your machine has located your Bluetooth device, a dialogue box will appear on your screen, asking if you wish to set up or configure a link between your Bluetooth device and your computer.
  6. Confirm the connection by clicking OK on the dialogue box.
  7. Utilise your Bluetooth device at leisure and there should be no reason to synchronise it again. Simply power your Bluetooth device to enable it and your machine will do the rest.
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