How to Use Betty Crocker Points

Betty Crocker is a brand name trademark of American Fortune 500 Corporation General Mills that was developed in 1921. Betty Crocker provides concerned customers with personalized responses to consumer products. Over the years Betty Crocker has provided points (even though this has stopped) that can be used to receive certain discounts and this article will show you how to benefit from them.

Things you will need

  • Betty Crocker Points


  1. The Betty Crocker Company has closed off the catalog for collecting the Betty Crocker points since December 15, 2006. However loyal customers will still have the opportunity of using the points for a limited time to get a 10% discount from the online Betty Crocker Store at
  2. You normally need a lot of points for it to be effective. Go to the and click the option that says ‘Shop our Catalogs’. Clicking this page should bring you to a page that offers you two catalog choices. Use the cursor and click the option that says ‘Betty Crocker Catalog Shop with Points’ to see the products where you can apply your Betty Crocker Points towards the purchase.
  3. When you have done this, a listing of the products that can use the points will be shown. You can click on ‘Request a Catalog’ to the left of the site to select the catalog and click continue for the catalog you want to see in the mail.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not send your Betty Crocker Points in the mail.
  • Check out your points to make sure they have not expired.