How to Use an iPod Touch

The IPod Touch is another portable media player manufactured by Apple, and derives from the IPod line of products, however it has improved and enhanced on a lot of its previous features. The new IPod Touch has available storage space starting from 8 GB going up to 32 GB of flash memory to store and carry around thousands of music and videos anywhere you are at the push of a button. Amongst the new features of this new IPod are wireless internet connectivity (Wi-Fi) so you can access internet wherever a wireless network is provided and also Bluetooth connectivity.

Things you will need

  • IPod Touch
  • IPod USB connection
  • IPod headphones or speakers
  • Computer (PC or MAC)


  1. If you don’t already have one, purchase your brand new IPod Touch on the apples online store ( or in an electronic store.
  2. Make sure you have installed the iTunes software on your computer. If you have not received your IPod Touch with an installation disc with it, you can go on the internet and download it from Apple’s official website ( to get the latest version.
  3. When ITunes has been installed, connect your IPod Touch to your PC or Mac, using the IPod USB connection. You have the option of registering your IPod Touch which will allow you certain updates and privileges. You will be asked to input your personal information so Apple will know about you as a customer and the type of products you have.
  4. Use the mouse and navigate through iTunes, look to the left side to create a playlist of your choice and genre and add whatever songs and videos you wish. You can either buy songs/videos from the iTunes website or you can add those that are already on your computer. Other services may also be purchase from the website and you can also add pictures to your IPod Touch.
  5. When you’re done adding all the songs, videos and pictures of your choice then properly disconnect the IPod Touch. Look to the left side of ITunes and eject it from there and then disconnect the USB connection from the computer and the IPod.
  6. Now navigate through the IPod Touch by using your fingers to go through the menu options and see what you have added. Connect you headphones or your speakers and now listen to whatever you like.
  7. Look for an option called dock, these icons can be found at the bottom of the option listing. This shows your home screen for the listings of most of the options you will need and use.
  8. Go to the Safari Web Browser which is represented by a compass icon to the top right corner of the menu options. Once you open this application, it will ask for and search for a wireless network, if it finds one and connects to the internet, the keyboard will open so you can use your finger to type in what you like. Now you navigate through websites and send and check emails as you wish.
  9. You may change whatever setting as you see fit to customize your IPod Touch, such as pictures and application settings. Just go to the Settings option and look through to see what you would like to modify.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not drop the IPod Touch, it is very sensitive and may malfunction if this happens.
  • Use only your finger to navigate through the IPod Touch, it is not made to use a stylus.
  • Do not place your IPod Touch so that it is close to water or extreme heat. If it gets into water or heat is applied, this may damage the goods.
  • Check for updates on the apple website or from the iTunes software to see if there are any additional features or support system for your IPod Touch. These additional updates could enhance the functionality of your IPod.
  • Do not press on the scroll button too hard when using the IPod Touch. The buttons are sensitive and can be damages which will costs you time and money to fix.
  • A great way to protect your IPod Touch is to buy a plastic case to prevent it from getting dents and scratches.