How to Use an Inversion Table

Inversion tables can improve blood circulation and help with back pain. This form of therapy is known as inversion therapy.

Decompressing the joints through inversion therapy is what helps back pain sufferers find relief. Circulation can be improved because an inverted angle helps to reverse the effects of gravity.

An inversion table can be a tricky and intimidating machine. However, with just a little bit of practice, you can become a pro very quickly and begin enjoying the many benefits of inversion table therapy.

You will need

  • Inversion table


  1. Seek medical advice from a doctor before starting an inversion therapy routine. If you receive your doctor’s blessing, go ahead and start therapy.
  2. Facing away from the table, lean your back against the table slowly. If your table has ankle holds, ensure your feet are firmly secured in the ankle holds.
  3. Lie back fully on the table, keeping your hands at your side and using your thighs and feet to support your weight
  4. Slowly raise your arms and begin leaning back until you have reached the maximum distance the table can go back.
  5. Gently rock the table, and as you get more familiar with its use, adjust your rocking pattern. The swinging motion of the table will place your spine in traction and compression.
  6. Do this routine for approximately 5 minutes morning and evening, upping your length to a maximum of thirty minutes twice daily.


  • Have an experienced spotter with you the first couple of times until you feel confident.
  • Take it slow on the way down. The first time you invert completely you will have one massive blood rush to your head. While this is easy to get used to, be prepared for it, and work into it gradually.
  • Take it slow coming up as well; coming up too fast after inverting can also cause you to become light-headed due to the extra amount of blood going to your head. If you gradually work into it then you will be surprised how easily adaptable the inverted position is.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing. The best results from the inversion table will come after you are accustomed to it. By concentrating on stretching your back, hips, ligaments, or other tight areas you will find that your effectiveness improves greatly.
  • Continue the program daily. Doing inversion therapy for 1 week will make you feel good, but it will not solve your problems.