How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new creation on the marketplace having first been invented in 2004. The product is an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking that allows users to “vape” in locations that smoking is banned such as the work-place, train, bars, and sporting events. E cigs don’t create second-hand smoke and do not contain tobacco or the numerous toxins found in regular smokes. When you use an eSmoke, a vapor is generated containing flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol which creates a visual smoke appearance to provide a similar sensation to the smoker as a cigarette.

Although there are a number of electronic cigarette products on the market, the basic function of the device remains the same across manufacturer. Each of the major producers of e cigs such as GreenSmoke, Luci, and Smoke 51, will typically have a higher up-front cost for the starter kit and initial supply of e juice to use in the device, but after approximately one month of shifting to vapor smoke, users will see a cost savings over the use of traditional tobacco.

Using the Electronic Cigarette

Step 1 – Purchase an e cigarette starter kit from one of the well-known manufacturers on the marketplace. If you don’t know anyone who uses e cigs, then finding an <a href=”http://www.electronicciga

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