How to Use an Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is a frying pan that is useful for preparing foods that need to be cooked evenly, within little time. The electric skillet may be round or square and can be as little as a 12×12” (30.48 cm) square or a 12-inch diameter round pan.

Some are considerably larger, measuring about 18 inches (45.72 cm) per side or featuring an 18 inches diameter. It is convenient to have one of the larger sizes, but do ensure that you have enough room to safely house one of the larger electric skillets.

You will need

  • Electric skillet
  • Food to be cooked
  • Flat surface


  • Use an electric skillet in an area where there is extensive foot traffic. Rest it on a flat surface, where an electrical socket is near enough for the skillet to be plugged in without stretching the cord too much. Use an extension cord that will if necessary.
  • The electric skillet may feature temperature controls that are better suited to specific foods. Consult your recipe for heat specifications before plugging in and heating your skillet.
  • Electric skillets are usually made of aluminum with non-stick coatings, and a few may be stainless steel. Fats need not be added to certain dishes, as this feature will allow food to release its fat and moisture at the right temperature and not stick to the bottom of the pan. However, if you are frying, or if your recipe requires butter or oil, you may add it to the skillet.
  • Do not use metal stirring or serving utensils with non-stick skillets, as this will scratch the coating. Use wooden or plastic utensils to stir and flip food in the skillet.
  • As will stove burners, electric skillets can cook food with residual heat, or keep it warm after cooking. Electric skillets may feature a “keep warm” function, which allows food to be kept slightly warm, similar to a chafing dish if the serving of the meal needs to be delayed.
  • When done with an electric skillet, unplug and leave to cool off before washing. Some electric skillets are dishwasher safe; ensure your specific brand is, before putting it into a dishwasher.
  • When hand washing the electric skillet, use gentle detergent and non-harsh washing cloths to clean the skillet. Use warm water.


  • Look for an electric skillet that is priced between 75-100 US dollars, If you plan to use it a great deal. Check product reviews for a good sense of how others have rated brand performance.
  • Keep the skillet far back from the edge of the counter so little hands can’t accidentally pull it down. When you’re using an electrical skillet, the stovetop might seem the natural place to put it. However, if you’re cooking other things on the stove, or in the oven, this additional heat source could pose a fire hazard. A safer alternative is to cook with the skillet near the stove, but not on the stovetop.