How to Use a Whip

Whips have been used for a very long time as a means as a tool against both human beings and animals, whether to inflict harm or force. The cracking of a whip to this day can still be seen as effective, even in our modern age of technology even though nowadays it is mostly used to driving animals such as cattle and horses on the racing track and otherwise. The sound made from a whip can be very loud and sends a signal of force and power. This article will give you information as to how you can use a whip.

Things you will need

  • A whip


  1. The first rule of using a whip involves securing your own safety. More likely you have never used one before so it is advised that wear goggles to protect your eyes and a long sleeve shirt and lengthy pants to protect your body. The whip can also create a loud cracking sound so it is best to wear ear plugs to shield your ears.
  2. Hold the whip firmly within your palms with your thumb pointing down on the handle. Use the hand that you are more comfortable with. Your arms should drop straight to your side and keep it straight.
  3. Then swing your arms upward and forward so that it reaches to your shoulder level and bend your elbow so it points to the ground. At this time the whip hand should now be leveled with your head.
  4. When the whip is behind you, straighten your arm to propel the whip forward and slightly flick your wrist to crack the whip.
  5. Continue to spend time practicing this technique.
  6. The whip can also be used to wrap around objects like a tree limb to either swing on or pull the object.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • if you want to perfect the art of cracking a whip you have to be always practicing, then you can start to exercise other forms of techniques.
  • Always try and wear protective clothing to shield yourself, a whip that backlashes could cause real harm to you. So it is in your best interest to have these gears especially your eye goggles.
  • Never use the whip when someone is within its reach that could be hurt from it.
  • Never wear sandals while using a whip.
  • Never allow your hand to swing sideways on either side; this will prevent you from cracking the whip effectively.