How to Use a Voltmeter

Have you ever wondered what and how someone measured voltage? Well is  rather easy once you have the correct equipment and in this cause the tool we would need would be a voltmeter. As the name suggests a voltmeter is used to measure voltage. So how do we use voltmeters read on to find out.

Things you will need

  • Voltmeters


  1. Correctly connect the probes to the voltmeter.
  2. Ensure that the red is at positive and the black at negative.
  3. Set the dial or switch to the required measurement type.
  4. Select the range settings
  5. Turn on the voltmeter
  6. Hold the insulated handles of the probes
  7. Lay the red probe so that it touches the positive side of a DC unit or any side of a AC unit.
  8. Let the black probe touch the other side.
  9. Read the results from the digital display or analog dial.


  • Note that a battery is good if the results are within 20% of the rating on the tested item.
  • Consider attaching alligator clips to the probes before turning on the voltmeter. This will not only allow hands – free operation but also aid in keeping your fingers out of danger zones.
  • Allows use a voltage probe or test light is your aim is simply to check if a circuit is live.


  • Never attempt to use a voltmeter that is damaged, has bare wires showing
  • Never use on high voltage as this will badly damage your tool.

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