How to Use a Telescope

Have you ever wanted to see the planets or to focus on that specific star that comes over our widow each night? Well using a telescope you can. A telescope is a device used to get a better view of distant objects. So with this device you can view planets, star clusters, lunar features and many other interesting things. The sad thing is that many persons have no clue how to properly use a telescope; so we have decided to show you how to do so. Read on to separate yourself from the crowd.

Things you will need


  • Telescope
  • Star Charts
  • Warm Clothing



  1. Carefully plan your viewing session
  2. Select a proper time for you to view your object of interest.
  3. Gather all the things you will be using.
  4. Carefully transport your telescope to the desired viewing area.
  5. Set up your equipment.
  6. Polar – align your telescope.
  7. Aim your telescope in a position to view your desired object.
  8. Focus the telescope.
  9. Look through the telescope.
  10. Sit back and enjoy the scenery.
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 11 to view other objects.



  • Select a telescope that will suit your desired purpose and that can be easily transported.
  • Use lower power eyepieces to make it easier for you to locate objects.
  • Diligently read your manuals and try to familiarize yourself as much as possible with all the features of the telescope, setup and operation before attempting to do ant big projects.
  • Try to find the darkest areas to use for viewing.
  • As usual put safety first. Try to stay away from wildlife and avoid trespassing.



  • Under no circumstances should you aim your telescope directly at the sun. This can severely damage your vision as well as cause fires in dry environments.
  • Do not use your telescope to engage in any form of illegal activities as no matter how far you are away from the crime scene you can be prosecuted.