How to Use a Table Saw

A table saw is a versatile woodworking tool used to cut large pieces of wood. It is made up of a circular blade mounted on an arbor driven by an electrical motor. This tool has been proven to be very effective as the blade protrudes through the surface of the table providing support for the material being cut. Due to the power and compilation of the tool  it can be very dangerous if not used properly. So lets find out how to safely use this tool.

Things you will need

  • Safety Goggles
  • Work Gloves
  • Dust Masks
  • Table Saw
  • Push Sticks


  1. Ensure that it is the blade you have is the perfect fit for the table saw you are using.
  2. Ensure that the blade guard is in good shape and that is is working properly.
  3. Align the blade.
  4. Remove all  knots and nails from the wood you will be cutting.
  5. Start up you table saw.
  6. Position yourself to the side of the wood you will be cutting.
  7. Plant both feet firmly on the floor.
  8. Using a push stick gently feed the wood into the blade.
  9. Firmly press the wood against the guide fence.
  10. When the blade stops remove it from the wood.


  • Always use your blade guards.
  • Wear all protective gear
  • Familiarize yourself with your saw before you attempt to begin working.


  • Avoid saw wet wood.
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