How to Use a Smart Board

A smart board is an interactive whiteboard designed to give both students and teachers a better approach to learning. Overhead projectors are used to enhance the use of the smart boards.

They display information stored on computers from Word documents to videos. These smart boards help to make learning more unique and fun hence more appealing to our children.

Everyone should know how to use this magnificent product so continue reading to find out how.

Things you will need:

  • Smartboard
  • Computer Ceiling/Overhead projector


  1. Click the Orient button at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Set the board to the highest calibration.
  3. Use your finger to write on the board or as a navigation tool.
  4. Use your computer to control the information shown on the board.
  5. Use the highlighting tool to pull out important information.
  6. Use your pointer tool to point out specific details to your students.
  7. Create a network using the internet to allow other classrooms to participate in the lecture.


  • Make use of all the features of your smart board.
  • Feel free to search online for additional features for your board.
  • Download any information seen as useful to either your board or lesson.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the pre–loaded tools in your smart board gallery.
  • Teach your students how to use your smart board so that in your absence they can be able to help themselves learn.
  • Keep your Smartboard pens in their respective cases.
  • Try to plan virtual field trips using your smart boards


  • Do not leave your utensils hanging around instead try velcro-ing the eraser and remote control to the edges of the smart board.