How to Use a Slip Bobber

A slip bobber is designed to do much more than indicate when a fish has taken your bait while fishing.

When used properly, slip bobbers will help you to get more fish to take your bait.

Unlike fixed-position bobbers, slip bobbers slide on your line, and so give you better control over catching fish in waters deeper than about 3 feet.

You will need

  • Slip bobber
  • Fishing line
  • Swivel with hook and leader attached
  • Tape measure


  1. Take the end of your fishing line and slide it through the top ring of the slip bobber, allowing it to slide down into the bobber.
  2. If you are having difficulties with the line trying to fold up inside the bobber, twist the bobber back and forth a little.
  3. Once you have the line all the way through, slide your weight to the bottom of the bobber.
  4. Tie a swivel on with the hook and leader already attached.
  5. Decide how deep you want to fish, then place your bobber stop at that length. For example, if you want to fish at a 5-foot depth, measure up to 5 feet on your line and put the bobber to stop there. This is easier to do if you can lay your pole in a straight line on a flat surface to measure it.
  6. For an exact measurement use a tape measure to make sure it’s at your chosen depth.


  • Use store-bought stops or even rubber bands or knots to keep your bobber from sliding down when measuring the line for depth.