How to Use a RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are used to publish information from different sources. These feeds are updated regularly by the publisher and are accessed by subscribers to the content.

The information is presented as a title with an optional extract from the work. RSS feeds are generally used by bloggers and news websites to better advertise new material. The RSS feed is a remarkably convenient tool that allows the subscriber to limit the number of searches performed at any given time for a particular piece of work. The latest information will be updated daily resulting in a reduction in the time spent searching through preferred websites for new material. This article will outline how to add an RSS feed and search for other interesting RSS feeds. The process is straightforward and should be executed with very little or no difficulties.

Things You Will Need

  • A functional computer
  • An active internet connection
  • An RSS feed to add and use


  1. Before adding an RSS feed it is important to locate a feed that you wish to acquire. If you already have a feed in mind, then the following steps are not necessary but may still be useful if you desire to obtain additional feeds for use.
  2. One method is to visit sites such as Syndic8, 2RSS and UncleFeed which are devoted to organizing and classifying multiple RSS feeds. These fundamentally offer a directory of RSS feeds.
  3. Use a search engine to find RSS feeds. Conventional search engines like Google and Yahoo can be used for this purpose. To use either as a search engine for RSS feeds try to add content to Google personalized homepage/My Yahoo this should allow you to gain access to RSS searches.
  4. Use blogs or any other sites that are used frequently to add RSS feeds. If the RSS orange icon is visible it has an RSS feed.
  5. All major news websites should have an active RSS feed. Simply subscribe to the RSS feed to activate in some cases.
  6. Always check your favorite websites to see if they offer RSS feeds.
  7. If you use Internet Explorer then downloading the latest version will automatically provide RSS feed support in the browser.
  8. Once you have identified the RSS feed to add enter it in your preferred website. For this example, the Google homepage will be used to demonstrate how to add an RSS feed.
  9. You will need to copy the URL that appears in the address field of the specific browser. This will be used to recognize the particular site you desire to have in your feed.
  10. Establish A Google Personalized Homepage if you are not currently using one. If you have a homepage log in with your username and password.
  11. Locate the “Add stuff” hyperlink to the right corner of the page and click on it. A box should be displayed on the screen that will prompt you to add to your homepage.
  12. Beside this box, a link will be highlighted to add by URL. Click on add by URL.
  13. Finally, paste the URL into the provided section and press add. For multiple feeds repeat the process and close the option once you are through adding feeds.
  14. The RSS feed(s) will now be visible for use.
  15. You can now browse through the feed(s) at your leisure. Familiarize yourself with the layout for ease of use.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Add all the websites you visit regularly that offer RSS feeds to make web browsing easier.