How to Use a Rifle Scope

Scope where made to allow riflemen to see more precisely at further distances. It assists a great deal in shooting a rifle at targets far distances away.

This specific technique is called precision aim and it is this that makes the scope so unique.

Without a scope it is almost impossible to precisely zero a rifle shot hence it may take you 3 or even more attempts to hit your target while when using the scope you will only need 1. So how is a scope used? Read on and you see.

Things you will need

  • A rifle with a mounted scope
  • Ammunition
  • Targets
  • Safe area to use the weapon


  1. Set up your target at the desired shooting range.
  2. Position yourself opposite to the end of this range.
  3. Ensure that your range of fire is clear.
  4. Take your shooting position.
  5. Look through the scope to line up your test shot.
  6. Ensure that the center of the target is in the crosshairs of the rifle scope.
  7. Fire a test round.
  8. Determine the point of impact.
  9. Adjust the elevation on the top or side of the scope accordingly.
  10. When complete, fire another test round.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you successfully hit your target.


  • Research the various cross-hair types and familiarize yourself with the type you will be using for setup.
  • Always begin testing at the normal shooting range of your rifle, generally 100 – 150 yards.
  • Choose the shooting position that you feel most comfortable in though different scenarios may call for different positions for the above exercise try practicing with your favorite positions and work your way up.
  • Ensure that you follow all your local laws while shooting.


  • Never use a firearm unless you are an experienced and licensed firearm user or under the supervision of an expert instructor.
  • Never play with firearms. Firearms are dangerous and in many cases lethal.