How to Use a Nintendo DS Wi-Fi

The Nintendo DS is a dual-screen handheld game console of a clamshell design, developed and manufactured by Nintendo.

The game’s Wi-Fi connection feature allows gamers to remotely interact with each other worldwide; supporting up to sixteen players on the Nintendo DS. Mario Kart DS, Tony Hawk’s American Sk8tland, and Animal Crossing: Wild World are popular Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) games.

Follow these instructions to establish a Wi-Fi connection using your Nintendo DS.

Things you will need

  • Nintendo DS Wi-Fi
  • Nintendo WFC game
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Stylus


  1. Insert the game into the DS unit and turn the unit on.
  2. From the menu screen select the title of the inserted game.
  3. From the game menu select the Nintendo WFC gameplay mode.
  4. Go to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection settings.
  5. Use the stylus to select a network slot.
  6. Select Search for Access Point.
  7. Wait for the Nintendo Wi-Fi to pick up the Wi-Fi connection.
  8. You will see one or more wireless networks: select an open network indicated by a blue padlock then tap OK.
  9. If there is no open network, the next option would be a WEP network indicated by a red padlock.
  10. Once you select the network with the red padlock, you will be required to enter a password. This is the password of the wireless access point.
  11. Once the password is entered tap OK.
  12. If the connection found is indicated by a grey padlock it means your connection is incompatible and you will need to conduct a new search.
  13. Once you’re online you will be able to play the inserted game with your friends. You can also connect to Wi-Fi without inserting a game in the DS unit. If done this way, once you enable the Wi-Fi connection you can browse online for available games.


  • It is best to choose Connection 1 when selecting the network slot
  • Contact your provider if you’re configuring the Nintendo DS for a public Hot-spot connection.
  • Check the instruction booklet that comes with the game for specific information on Wi-Fi game options.