How to Use a Nifty Knitter

Nifty Knitters (also called knitting loom) are used by persons who have no experience in knitting fabric and are made in a variety of designs, colors and sizes.

Learning to use on can be quite fun you will able to create many different designs. So grab your nifty knitter and your yarn, and follow these instructions to start using your nifty knitter on your own.

Things you will need

  • Nifty Knitter (you choose the design)
  • Knitting hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


  1. Purchase a nifty knitter and the yarn from your local department store. You should normally receive an instructional manual on how it is used, so check for that. The nifty knitter can be used to knit a variety of things such as mittens, blankets, scarves, and more, for this example, we will be using it to make a hat.
  2. There are a couple of nitty knitters you can choose from. There is a blue long loom that is 22 inches wide and is the longest used to knit blankets. The green long loom is 18 inches wide and is used for making sweaters and pillows. The yellow long loom is 14 inches wide used for making special crafts and hats. The pink long loom is about 10 inches long and used for making crafts.
  3. Use the required loom and start to wrap the yarn around the starting pegs to the side of the loom so that it leaves 2 – 4 inches of slack. Then wrap the yarn around the circle about four (4) times.
  4. Now use the hook and pull the first two rows of yarn loops over the second two rows until it is completely intertwined. Then push the knitting back down to the bottom of the loom with your hands. Wrap the yarn around the pegs two more times and use the hook to pull the bottom two loops over the top two loops.
  5. Once you have achieved between 3 – 5 inches of knitted fabric then pull the bottom loops up over the corresponding pegs on the top of the loom and proceed to knit a standard row. This will be used as the brim of your hat.
  6. When you decide that you want to change the colors of the yarn, cut the threads and tie the end to make a knot. Continue to wrap and knit the pegs until the hat becomes the size you want it to.
  7. Cut a 12 – 18 inch piece of yarn and thread it through the plastic needle that came with your nifty knitter loom set stitch around your loom and then use the purple nifty knitter hook to pull the knitted project of the pegs. Then gather the strings together and tie into a tight knot to finish the project. Tuck those threads inside the hat and trim as you see fit. And there you have it, a brand new hat, made from yarn using your very own nifty knitter