How to Use Mozilla Thunderbird

Everybody who utilizes the internet use emails as a form of communication, whether it be personal or business oriented. Mozilla Thunderbird is s stand–alone client program create by the Mozilla Foundation that is used to send and receive emails. Using Mozilla Thunderbird means you can access emails without having to use an internet browser. For those who might have seen it or have it but is not aware of how it can be used, this article will provide that information.

Things you will need

  • A Computer System
  • About 40 MB of free Hard drive space
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • An Email account


  1. Most likely you won’t have Mozilla Thunderbird installed, so go to the internet, search for it and download the version necessary for your Operating System, whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac. The setup file can be found on Mozilla’s official site, once you have downloaded it, follow the procedure, it is best to select ‘typical’ as your choice for installation.
  2. After the installation has completed, the shortcut icon for the program should be on the desktop. If not go to ‘Start’ on the taskbar (bottom left corner) and then to ‘Programs’ and then click the Mozilla Thunderbird icon.
  3. Once the program has been opened it will prompt you for your email information such as your email username and password. Input this information and it will ask you if you want to keep your email on the server, you can click yes or no. if you click yes, when you receive your emails, a record of it will still be present in your original email account, if you click no then vice versa. This option can also be altered at anytime.
  4. Go to your respective website to which you have an email account and log in. go to the settings and allow your server to enable pop up access ad imap access. Now you can start fresh with your email.
  5. While still logged into your email account, visit the list of contacts that you have in your email. An option should allow you to be able to export a list of all your contacts. Secure that it is exported into a .csv format, this format will allow you to import your email contact listing into the Mozilla Thunderbird software. Look to your menu option and select tools to import the contact list.
  6. When you have completed all these task you can now access, to send and receive all your emails form Mozilla Thunderbird. If you wish you can close your web browser and operate from Mozilla Thunderbird.
  7. If you want to make Mozilla Thunderbird your default stand – alone email client, go to the main menu and click ‘Tools’ and ‘Options’ and select ‘General’ and click ‘Check Now’, check the email and click ‘Ok’. If this doesn’t work go to ‘Start’ on the taskbar and go to ‘Control Panel’ then to ‘Internet Options’. Go to the ‘Programs’ tab and select Mozilla Thunderbird from the drop–down list next to ‘E-Mail’

Do’s and Don’ts

  • If you have any issues with Mozilla Thunderbird you can visit its official site and report and issue so the developers can respond and assist you.
  • Do not leave your email account active while you are on your desktop but not using your computer. Persons may be able to look through your email and access information which you otherwise would not have them see.
  • You should still access your email accounts on the websites so you can delete the mails that have been saved. If not they will stay and pile up on you.
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