How to Use a Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a series or collection of products offered in a bundled package that offers a set of web based programs used for sharing documents. Some of the programs included are components such as document managing softwares, search modules, website hosting softwares and more that allows you to transfer and share information between various users in different locations on a internet network.

Things you will need

  • A computer system
  • Microsoft SharePoint


  1. Secure that you have an active internet connection then go to the Microsoft SharePoint official website homepage and search for the type of application you want to utilize. The homepage provides the link to all their products.
  2. The site also has a product demo on the site showing users how to add and share contents on the SharePoint server, you can also watch this to better familiarize yourself with the program.
  3. There is also a walk through slideshow that will provide information on all the SharePoint features. This provides comprehensive and detailed points on how to take advantage of all the MS SharePoint features.
  4. Visit the community website built on Microsoft SharePoint technology that can be used to access all the SharePoint features in a real world setting. Use this tool to access shared documents and perform document searches. You can also communicate with others to gain advice for hwo to approach various task.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Watch various tutorials on how to use Microsoft SharePoint. This will go in-depth and show you all the criteria’s for using Microsoft SharePoint to its highest capacity.