How to Use a Magellan GPS System

With the rise in technology in this era, Magellan decided to follow in its footsteps and joined the trends of the era hoping to rise as well. In doing this they have created a huge mark in directional solutions using GPS technology.

They offer two basic types of GPS devices namely “in–dash systems” mainly used in vehicles and “trekking devices mainly used by pedestrians and hikers. Basically whether in a vehicle or on foot, their GPS systems will assist you a great deal in getting wherever you want to go.

Today we will be demonstrating how to use the in-dash model as the trekking device is a little straightforward. So let’s begin.

Things you will need

  • Magellan In-Dash System
  • Magellan Motorist Kit
  • Vehicle


  1. Mount your ‘in-dash’ GPS using your motorist kit.
  2. Using the touch–screen controls carefully configure your GPS.
  3. Allow the GPS to tell you where you should go.
  4. Use outdoor model buttons to help in accessing information from your system.


  • Take advantage of all the different features of all models.
  • Consider buying the Magellan Crossover to grab the best of both worlds. It has all the features of both the in-dash and trekking systems and to to top it all off its portable.