How to Use a Kreg Jig

A Kreg jig is a tool used for cabinetry as a marker guide. Using a Kreg jig makes it easier to join wood as it helps to ensure that the screws completely exit the wood in the center.

It is essential, however, that we learn how to use a Kreg jig properly before attempting to do so. So today we are going to go through a guide to keep you on your way.

Things you will need

  • Table
  • Clamp
  • Drill and bits
  • Self-tapping screw for joint
  • Kreg Jig


  1. Connect the Kreg jig to the table using a clamp.
  2. Select the jig with the hole size appropriate for your project.
  3. Set the height bar of the jig to be equal to the thickness of the wood.
  4. Prepare your jig for your drill bit by adjusting the depth collar.
  5. Determine the location on the broad to place the hole.
  6. Guide drill into appropriate jig hole.


  • To join multiple boards with the same measurement, place the stopper at the end of the board and place the jig at the appropriate location. This enables you to repeat the action after each board.
  • Use a Kreg Jig for precise joinery.
  • Save time used to measure the depth of the hole by using a detachable Kreg jig.
  • Take advantage of the portability feature of the device; never leave it behind.


  • Never use a Kreg jig without properly briefing yourself on the instructions to properly do so.