How to Use a Iron Sight

Iron sight refers to the sighting system used on different types of firearms to help persons to properly aim and shoot. The iron sights is usually made up of a front and rear sighting in the form of a post or blade on the top or the front end of the gun barrel or slide. The front and rear sections are aligned to provide the shooter with a proper aim to achieve a greater strike rate when shooting at a target. Iron sights are also used on telescopes to help you to point to a target. This article will provide you with the details for how to use the iron sights effectively.

Things you will need

  • Firearm
  • Proper shooting target
  • Shooting range


  1. Always use extreme precautions when handling any form of firearm and make sure you are eligible to be using one. If you are not aware of its full functions, read the owner’s manual to inform yourself on the proper procedures for using the weapon. It is recommended that you have someone that is more experience to assist you in handling the functioning of the firearm.
  2. In some cases it may e required that you clean the gun and pay attention to all its components to make sure it is in good shape. Then use the proper procedure to load the firearm.
  3. When you are ready to use the firearm, point the gun downrange and line up the post in the middle if the rear groove with the top of the post even with the top sides of the block.
  4. Now take an aim at the target while it is downrange. The top of the sights should be at the horizontal center plane of the target and the center post should be on the enter point of bull’s-eye.
  5. Put the firearm in perspective and make sure it is correctly aligned with your target and slowly squeeze the trigger to fire the weapon. You can repeat firing the weapon as practice, the more you fire it the more you will feel more comfortable using it and increase your accuracy when aiming. This repetition will train your muscles for aiming.
  6. Some iron sights are adjustable and can be elevated for firing. This is mostly found on rifles so persons can adjust the sights to get a proper focus to fire at targets that are a good distance away. Some sights are adjustable to counter the effects of the wind on your shot.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • To get more accustomed to using a firearm you need to constantly practice, find a proper shooting range that you can use for practicing.
  • Always read the owner’s manual for any firearm you are using. Each firearm has certain variances that you need to be aware of before using.
  • Do not fire the gun while the chamber is empty as this can help to damage the firing pin in the gun.
  • if you are not so experienced or familiar with using a firearm, always have someone who is an expert or is more experienced than you to assist you when using a firearm.

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