How to Use a Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are generally used to cut hair on the head. Most people prefer to consult a professional when they need to cut and groom their hair. However it is possible to cut your own hair or the hair of others when using the correct techniques. There are two kinds of hair clippers: manual and electric. The electric hair clipper is more often used and is a more convenient tool. Using electric clippers requires a level of skill and patience that should not be taken for granted. Before you resort to using hair clippers be sure that you are completely willing to follow a general set of guidelines.

Things You Need

  • Electric Hair Clippers
  • Small Brush
  • Clipper Oil
  • Comb


  1. First thoroughly clean the blades of the clipper. Ensure that you have successfully removed all stray hairs from the clipper as this will impede proper functioning of the clipper. Remove the excess hair and debris that may be present on the blade with a small brush.
  2. Apply a bit of clipper oil to the blade of the clipper. Switch the blade on to let the oil immerse the blade completely. This protects the clipper and guarantees it will be less vulnerable to damage. It is important to maintain the clipper to keep it functional.
  3. Determine how much hair you wish to cut from your head. A majority of clippers have spacers for this purpose. This works by keeping the clipper at an even distance from the head. If you were to use a 2 inch spacer it would remove all but 2 inches of hair after you have passed it all over the head region. This is beneficial if you desire a quick trim. When the adjustment to the spacer is made you can cut your hair.
  4. If you are uncomfortable cutting your hair get assistance from someone else. It is also a wise decision to elicit some amount of aid as you will undoubtedly be handicapped when doing the back areas of the head. Use a comb to carry out the process as well if you do not have a spacer or prefer not to use one The comb will act as a guard between the clipper and your head. It will also help you to manipulate the hair by pulling and straightening to cut. When cutting the hair with the comb as a guide cut across its length to achieve more even results. Additionally even with a spacer the comb is advisable if you prefer to check that you have not overlooked some sections of the hair.
  5. To conclude the cutting process, place the clipper on the lowest setting and neaten the areas around the neck, back and ears with the clipper.
  6. Once you are through cutting your hair brush off any pieces of hair that are left on your person. Add some baby powder and lotion around the neck area to lessen razor burn.
  7. Clean the clipper as described before and oil it carefully putting it away for future use.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • When cutting your own hair, use a mirror to your full advantage.
  • You can practice cutting hair with a mannequin’s head to improve your overall competence.

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