How to Use a Gas Grill

When family, friends and food come together in one place, there is bound to be fun, laughter and enjoyment. A gas grill is used to grill and barbecue foods such as poultry, beef and vegetables. Follow this guide so you can use your own gas grill so you can start cooking food for your family and friends. Enjoy.

Things you will need

  • Gas grill
  • Lava rocks
  • Gas tank (propane tank)
  • Lighter
  • Soap water


  1. Setup the gas grill by analyzing each piece of the grill. Make sure the lava rocks and the grill is clean and placed on a well leveled surface. Arrange the lava rocks in the bottom of the grill and place the cooking grill over the rocks.
  2. Examine the gas tank (propane tank) so that it is properly connected to the gas grill and that there are no cracks or punctures. Inspect the control valve to make sure it is tightly closed off. You can use soap water to put over the gas tank connection going to the valve, and if no bubbles show up then the gas connection is safe.
  3. Open the gas tank valve and open the grill lid. Then turn on the gas flow control and use the lighter switch whether it is installed or it is manual to ignite the grill. When the gas has ignited the grill through the lava rocks then allow the grill to preheat and then you can start your cooking process. While cooking you can turn the lava rocks so the grill heats better, this also helps the cleaning up to be easier afterwards.
  4. When the cooking has been completed, turn the heat on high to help in burning off the extra grease and drippings from the gas grill. Then clean off all the gas grill components and secure that the gas tank and the gas flow control is turned off after every use.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always follow the manual provided for your gas grill and your propane tank and test your valve connection.
  • Do not light the gas grill while the lid is closed.
  • Don’t stack lava rocks on top of each other, only one layer should be used in the grill at a time.
  • When the lava rocks start to get dirty and start to break apart then you should replace them
  • Never use the grill inside of your house, or any indoor structure which does not have proper ventilation.