How to Use a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a handy tool used for cutting wood and other similar materials.

Chainsaws are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They are used to cut firewood and do tree trimming by homeowners while contractors may use them for landscaping construction-type jobs.

The equipment is powered by a two-stroke engine, which rotates a chain of blades. The chain is made up of several teeth, which effectively cut through the material when used at a proper speed

Thing you will need

  • Saw
  • Engine fuel
  • Funnel
  • Gloves
  • Hardhat
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear plugs


  1. Fill the engine with fuel using the funnel as a guide.  Also ensure oil is in the oil tank.  Remove sawdust and debris from the fuel and oil caps before opening so that the debris does not fall into the fuel or the oil tank.
  2. Check the chain tension and ensure the nuts and bolts are tightened.
  3. Place the saw on the ground. Ensure the ground is clear of any rocks or other objects.  Do not allow the bar and chain to touch the dirt.
  4. Identify the object to cut before starting the saw.  If cutting trees determine their fall spot.  Ensure you are clear away from fuel before starting the saw.
  5. Ensure you are in safety gear and turn on the saw.  Place one foot in the hand guard at the rear of the saw, grip the top handle of the saw firmly with one hand and pull the starting rope with the other hand.
  6. If there is no space in the hand guard for your foot, just ensure the saw is firm on the ground.


  • Plan escape routes for bad situations; ideally to the rear or sides of the tree.
  • Ensure the muffler is in good operating condition as heat from the muffler sometimes ignites gasoline or dry forest tinder near the saw.
  • Do a thorough examination of the saw prior to use.  Proper care of the chain especially is very important.
  • Keep a good tool kit to ensure proper maintenance of the saw.


  • Do not leave the saw on and idle.
  • Do not idly walk around with the saw.
  • Do not cut above shoulder level when cutting some standing trees; there is less control over the saw.
  • Do not wear loose clothing when operating the saw.