A cane is used to assist or support an area of weakness and to decrease the amount of pressure being placed on the lower extremities.

Though many persons may already know what a cane is and its main purpose, not many people seem to know how to properly use a cane. So today we are going to give you a guide on how to properly use a cane.

Things you will need

  • Cane
  • Will Power


  1. Diligently check your cane’s integrity.
  2. Adjust the cane to the required height.
  3. Hold your cane on the side of your body that needs the support.
  4. Place the cane one step ahead of your body.
  5. Step to the place where you placed the cane.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to continue walking.


  • Be careful at all times.
  • Avoid obstacles such as rugs, floor lamps, etc.
  • Walk slowly when attempting to climb stairs until you can manage to move around faster.
  • Hold the cane straight and steady so as not to fall.


  • Do not attempt to walk with your cane more than one step ahead as this may cause you to fall and attain another injury.