How to Use a Blackberry

A Blackberry is a very advanced phone that offers a large variety of special features that keep users connected to virtual life.

From messaging to music downloads not to mention a task manager that allows you to keep track of all your appointments.

So how do we properly use a Blackberry? Read on to find out.

Things you will need

  • A fully functional blackberry.
  • Working computer.
  • Phone USB Chord.


Turning on your phone and transferring files.

  1. Insert your battery into the phone.
  2. Power on your phone.
  3. Ensure that everything functions.
  4. Connect your phone to a wireless network.
  5. Connect email accounts, and address books to your phone.
  6. Connect your phone to your computer using your phone’s USB chord.
  7. Transfer files and data from your computer onto your mobile phone.

Making Phone Calls

  1. Power on the phone
  2. Click on the phone application.
  3. Dial the number on the phone screen.
  4. Click to start the call
  5. Use the incoming call button to activate call waiting.

Using Voice Dial

  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Click to start a call.
  3. Say the name or number of the person you which to call into the phone.
  4. Allow the phone to dial.
  5. Continue with your call.

Sending Emails

  1. Visit your wireless service provider’s website.
  2. Configure your device accordingly.
  3. Click on the email icon
  4. Type your message with the Blackberry keyboard.s
  5. Click send.

Sending SMS

  1. Select the SMS icon.
  2. Insert your recipient.
  3. Select the text prompt.
  4. Type your message with the keypad.
  5. Hit Send.

There are many other features of your Blackberry but today we have covered the basic features that will send you your way.



  • Consult your manual for more guidance and further explanations.
  • Feel free to explore your device.


  • Do not use in or near water.