How to Use a Band to help Bench Press

If you are someone that loves to work out and keep your body in shape then most likely you have committed to an exercise regime that involves you working out on a bench press.

Bench presses help to exercise your chest muscles but an elastic band can be incorporated into your workout to enhance your training regime.

Things you will need

  • Bench press equipment
  • Exercise Band (elastic)


  1. Sit in the chair of the bench press so that your back is straight and both your feet lay flat on the floor. Regardless of the shape of the chair, always make sure you position yourself to maintain a good posture.
  2. Take the exercise band and wrap it around the back of the chair so that each end of the band is held in each hand. The band will now wrap behind the chair and then run along the backs or tops of your arms.
  3. Stretch your arms out as far as they can go so it is controlled in a steady motion. Make note of the tension from the elastic, if it is moved too easily then loop it around each of your hands so that the tension is increased.
  4. Pull your arms to a 90-degree angle so your arms will be moving with the pull of the elastic on this part of the exercise. When exercising with the bands maintain your movements at a slow pace to reduce the chances of your arms jerking backward.
  5. Repeat this exercise by your exercise regimen. Some trainers recommend about 3 sets of 10 – 20 repetitions of each exercise. If you are trying to increase muscle tone, you can do up to as many as 100 repetitions per set. Increasing the bulk will require fewer repetitions but create a much harder resistance.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Seek advice from a trained physician before attempting to do any form of rigorous exercise, especially if you have any form of health issues.
  • Check around to find the right size exercise band for bench pressing. They also come in different colors.